Frances Kayleigh

Hi lovelies! I'm Frances. I'm not sure how you discovered my blog, but I'm so glad you did.

This website will be a place where you can come to find my honest thoughts and opinions on the latest trends and beauty releases - I'll test them out so you don't have to! I hope that you will find something that helps you or inspires you in some way.

I love to travel too. Whenever I embark on a new adventure i'll be sure to share my outfits, behind the scenes snaps and hopefully some tips and tricks about the destination. If I could just be on a permanent holiday, I would for sure!

A little bit of background...I graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2015, with a degree in Fashion Management, spent a year working in Selfridges and now I work at a model agency. I always wanted to be the editor of a big magazine when I was younger. And I guess having a blog is the modern day version of owning your own magazine - so it's kind of perfect really!

You can also catch up with me on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, and see what i've been up to today on by checking out my insta stories.

Thanks for reading!

Frances x



  • Mila S

    Your job seems amazing! So interesting! Loving your blog design as well! <3

    x M

    • Frances Kayleigh

      It can be really fun that’s for sure! Thankyou lovely! Xx