Does Outfit of the Day Content Still Have a Place on Blogs?

I’ve had these images sitting on my laptop, edited and ready to go for a couple of weeks now. They were shot pre ~Beast from the East~, when I naively thought that just maybe, Spring was on the way. Ever since they were taken, I found myself wondering what to write to accompany them on a daily basis. I’ve been considering outfit posts I have written in the past that share a run down of each piece in the look and I finding myself wondering whether that is enough. Or even if that’s what I want to share?
There are so many women in the blogosphere who are absolutely nailing valuable and thought-provoking written content. Their blogs tackle the latest social issues and provide advice in a heartfelt and relatable way, that’s also entertaining and perfectly expressed and articulated. This type of content is something that I personally really enjoy to read and it’s these articles that I always find myself clicking through to. But does this mean that all fashion content needs to be packaged in this way to have a value?
With the rise of apps like instagram and platforms that exist purely for visual content, you can see tens, (hundreds if you scroll quickly enough!) of outfits and inspiration in the few minutes it takes to read a blog post. When there’s so much available so quickly, does a lighthearted chat about an outfit hold enough value, that it warrants me claiming 5 minutes of your valuable time as a reader?
I’ve had my blog for about 18 months now, and the content I share now has changed quite a bit since I started out. At the beginning, the majority of my posts were beauty focused. In hindsight, I think I followed this path because it’s the one that I felt people expected me to take. I’ve always been the friend who loves makeup & skincare, your go-to girl for recommendations and maybe a ~slightly~ better than average eye-shadow look on a night out.
But during my brief time writing lots of beauty content I learned, that while I love reading other blogs for beauty reviews, it didn’t work for me personally. I was trying so many different products and still going back to my well loved favourites. I love beauty and skincare, don’t get me wrong, and this blog will always be a place I love to share my absolute favourites and amazing discoveries. But I prefer to do lots of research and find those holy grail products that I can count on, over choosing to trial every new release and ending up with lots of unloved products on the shelf.  
Fashion content, putting together and editing, sharing outfits, trends and styling tips is something I love to do. Not to mention, I’m extremely lucky that my boyfriend is patient and a very willing photographer. But if like today’s images, what I’m working with doesn’t focus on a specific trend or how-to-style piece, I find myself feeling a bit lost for words.
We love to hate it, but it’s hard to deny that instagram is the one of the best places to share fashion content and source style inspiration. But there’s also a level of uncertainty and precaution to be taken when placing so much of your content onto an app, that you don’t own and can’t control. Which of course is beauty of having a blog. It’s the only thing that you actually own, it really is your little piece of the internet to do with as you please. 
I want my pictures to have a more permanent home than instagram, where they are quickly lost among a sea of incredible content. Which brings me back to the question, is there enough added value in more pictures of the same outfit that’s already been shared on instagram, and a little bit of information about the clothes enough to warrant a click and your time? My main goal is that everyone who visits my blog feels that they’ve gained something, whether that’s inspiration, an amazing beauty discovery, or even just an (I hope) enjoyable 5 minutes of their day. 
Well there are a whole lot of questions in this post! Now that I’ve written this I’ve realised why I haven’t put a blogpost up in two weeks. I think some people call it a case of the writers block?!  If you blog too, I’d love to know if you’ve ever felt similar!
It’s taken me a whole blog post to figure out why I didn’t know what to say and why I’ve had these images sitting doing nothing for a couple of weeks – besides an appearance on instagram of course. I realised that wondering what to write was an exploration in itself. And as all the best thoughts do, this came to me while I was brushing my teeth, so naturally I’m now in bed frantically writing them all down on my phone.
After all this I’ve come to the conclusion that we should all focus on our strengths, and not force what doesn’t come naturally to us. I’ve realised I want to share what i’m creating in a way that can give the most value, in the most efficient amount of time. Sometimes realisation takes a moment and you just need to take a step back and re-assess and trust the process. Maybe it’s time I actually start that YouTube channel I keep going on about!? 
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