Valentines Outfit Ideas for Any Occasion

Valentines is one of those days of the year that everyone has an opinion on. I sit somewhere in between thinking it’s an overrated marketing ploy and quite liking any excuse for an evening out with nice food. Which is something Will & I usually do. I’m not a Valentines ~hater~ but I’m also not head over heels for the occasion. Although our top  choice restaurant was already fully booked a week ago, which just makes me want to go there even more to be honest.

But whether you love the excuse to get all loved up, take the day as a chance to let your cynical side out, or Galentines is more up your street; if you’re wondering what to wear for the occasion, I’ve got you covered with all of the Valentines outfit inspo!

Valentines Outfit Inspo for Any Occasion

I’d wear this outfit to a smart-casual dinner date, which is probably how I will spend my Valentines evening. I pretty much have the pieces needed to create this look, apart from the dress… *goes to buy dress*. 

The contrast of this pretty ruffled dress works with the sassy leather ankle bootsGold layered necklaces are so on trend right now and the wrap around cut of the dress creates the perfect v-neck to play around with this style.

I’m well aware that Valentines day is in the middle of February, so while I’m skipping the tights in this look (though you could add them back in), throw a cosy teddy bear jacket over the top for warmth. 

A small bag for your essentials is all you’ll need. This pale pink one adds a subtle pop of colour to an otherwise monochrome outfit and the gold clasp ties in perfectly with the necklaces.

For this look I was thinking cocktails with the girls, forget the guys, kinda vibes. This is the kind of outfit is perfect for post-work cocktails (conveniently Valentines is on a Wednesday this year) and it’s made up of pieces that you probably already have in your wardrobe. 

A pop of red, because Galentines is still Valentines after all, and a classic wash of denim. The pair featured here are raw hem Topshop Jamie jeans. A denim style I’m very late to the party discovering, but one that I’m now in love with. I have been wearing them with everything. Mostly loafers to be honest, when it’s actually far too cold to have my ankles out!

There’s just something so classic about red and nude together, especially matching nude accessories. How gorgeous is this suede bag, a H&M bargain too. And it’s definitely a piece that will see you right through to Summer!

And finally I couldn’t not mention these adorable hoops from Orelia. The moon and stars hanging from them is the cutest detail!

Valentines Outfit Inspo for Any Occasion
Valentines Outfit Inspo for Any Occasion

Last but not least, everyone’s favourite thing to wear, lounge-wear. Super cute Valentines-y pieces of course. This & Other Stories jumper isn’t technically lounge-wear, but it is very high on my current wish-list. I love it and wanted to share it with you guys, in case you love it too! 

The heart pattern means it sits very appropriately in this post. But don’t get me wrong if I buy this jumper, lounge-wear will not be it’s predominant function! One way to rock it is with a leather mini and sassy boots, like the ones in look one. 

Pink and red is the colour combo of the moment, and also conveniently the theme colours of Valentines day. Pair the red in the jumper, with some baby pink shorts your colour palette has the aura of lurve but will also be so 2018. 

Not forgetting slippers, a night-in essential. This pom-pom pair is Victoria’s Secret and is now on sale too! I have them in the pink colour and can confirm they are just as cute in real life.