A Wanderlust List: 6 Dream Destinations to Travel To

A Wanderlust List: 6 dream destinations

There’s nothing that quite gives me that fire-in-the-belly feeling more than dreaming up an adventure somewhere new. I’m not sure if my parents are to thank for my love of travel, but it’s definitely something that has only grown over the years. I’m fortunate enough to say that I’ve been visiting far-flung destinations from a young age. Even if I didn’t fully appreciate our tour around Mexico’s Mayan Ruins at the time – our visit resulted in me confidently declaring that I was going to embark on the the 200 mile long walk back to our beach-side hotel, solo. It’s probably worth me mentioning that I was about 9 years old at this point! 

Once I’d adapted to being in 35 degree heat and viewing what, to a 9 year old, appeared to be endless piles of rocks, I was a bit more into it! But the sheer determination of my younger self who just wanted to spend the holiday by the pool is something that my parents and I giggle about to this day! One of my clearest memories from that trip is singing along to La Cucaracha on the bus with our native Mexican tour guide. And also discovering plantains, which was quite fascinating back then. 

Anyway, fast-forward about 13 years I have endless appreciation to have experienced so many amazing places. I hope one day to have a list of big fat ticks alongside even more of my dream destinations!

A Wanderlust List: 6 dream destinations
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A Wanderlust List: 6 dream destinations
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A new addition to my list. We decided to give it a miss on our 3 months of travelling in 2017. But now that Southeast Asia now has a special place in my heart, I just want to see it all. It’s a crazy but amazing place, unlike anywhere else I’ve been.


I love experiencing new cities and Tokyo just looks full of culture and so incredible. To be honest I actually haven’t looked into any other parts of Japan but I’d love to experience the country as whole one day.

A Wanderlust List: 6 dream destinations
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A Wanderlust List: 6 dream destinations
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Italy’s a country that I have dabbled in here and there. I’ve spent short days in cities during cruises and a couple of long weekends. Most recently, Milan with Will in October. But an Italian road trip, with a few weeks of nothing but pizza and pasta and stopping off in all of the key destinations has been firmly on my list for a while. 


There are so many places in Australia that look so incredible to visit, I almost don’t know where I’d start! I’d just love to discover that dream Australian lifestyle of beaches and cafes that I envision for a little while. 

A Wanderlust List: 6 dream destinations
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A Wanderlust List: 6 dream destinations
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New York

I don’t know if it’s kind of cheating putting somewhere I’ve already got a trip booked to on this list (bring on September eek!). But I LOVE New York and it has been on my wishlist to go again for some time now. I can’t wait for a week of discovering all of New York’s best spots in September. I’m collecting recommendations from now so if you have any please please leave them in the comments! 🙂 

Finland – Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

This one’s a specific hotel rather than a whole country, and one that you have probably seen popping up on social media. I mean just how incredible does this look?! An igloo with a glass roof where you can see the Northern Lights, I couldn’t not include it!