Why I’m Setting Goals Rather than Resolutions for 2018

Why I'm Setting goals instead of Resolutions in 2018

My previous post to this one was a round up of my favourite moments of 2017, so it seemed like the perfect time to follow with a chat all about goals and plans for the year ahead!

Whichever name you choose, goals, resolutions, etc all fall under the same category. Targets or things you want to achieve. I’m choosing goals over resolutions as for me they seem more approachable and more digestible. Goals can be broken down into mini step by step achievements, rather than a sudden life overhaul which is what a resolution can feel like.

For some of us, resolutions have come to have a negative connotation. Being viewed as largely unattainable targets that we set, in an effort to make a huge lifestyle change, very quickly. Usually setting ourselves up for failure and disappointment, and what’s the point when chances are you’re already pretty great and January is not the time to be making yourself feel rubbish!

Goals are more of a plan for the year ahead. A way to check in with yourself and set out what you hope 2018 will be. I love to plan, who doesn’t?! Of course we can never control everything that happens around us, but a list of aims to check in with as the year progresses is a great way to review whether you’re working towards everything you hoped. And also to refer back to, and make any tweaks that will help you in the right direction.

For example, one of my big goals for 2018 is to finally pass my driving test. That’s a big ol’ task, and something that seems pretty overwhelming to me! So two of my small goals for January are to book in my first lesson and practice theory for 1 hour a week. Seems totally doable right?! And it’s a great feeling of accomplishment when you can see you’ve completed your mini targets for the month, knowing that you’re on track for your larger goals.

So instead of overwhelming yourself with a massive lifestyle change the second the clock ticks past midnight, it’s this kind of positive and attainable self improvement that I find works so well if you have changes that you’d like to make throughout the year. So without further ado, here’s some of the goals I’m setting myself for 2018…

My 2018 Goals

Learn to Drive

This was on my list last year, but then I went travelling, came home totally broke and the end of the year just flew by. This year I’m determined to finally get it done, no matter how much I want to keep putting it off!

Read a book a month

I put this on my 25 before 25 list, and so far it’s been something I’ve stuck too. I’m really enjoying it and I’ve only missed a month! Pretty good going from someone who didn’t read at all for years. Books are good for the soul, so I wanted to re-affirm the target in my goals for the year. I prefer more lifestyle based books rather than fiction; some on my hit list for the year are The Power of Now, Bloom & Little Black Book: A Tool Kit for Working Women.  

Go to the Gym 3x a week minimum

I’m sure I’m not alone in totally falling off the gym bandwagon in December. I made it for one mid-month session, and that was that! I want to bring my good Summer gym habits forward into the Winter. I’m setting myself a 3 day a week minimum but ideally I’d like to hit 4 or 5!

Instagram stories

A small goal of mine is to share more on instagram stories. I absolutely love watching peoples day to day lives right down to what they’re eating for dinner. But it’s all too easy to assume that no-one will want to see yours. I’m going to try and put this mindset behind me and share more, even if it’s just a standard working week!

Blog 2x a week

During October last year, I set myself the target of posting on my blog 3x a week and I really enjoyed engaging more and creating lots of content. I know 2x a week might seem tiny to some people, but all too often a couple of weeks have suddenly passed and I haven’t shared anything new. So a 2x a week minimum is my target and hopefully I’ll have more to share!