4 Reasons Statement Boots are a Must Have for Autumn

Why Statement Boots are a must have
Why Statement Boots are a must have

For those of us looking to add interest to an Autumn/Winter wardrobe, without sacrificing on warmth, statement boots are a great place to start. I recently picked up this pair from River Island and it was love at first wear. The grey suede is neutral but still interesting, and they look much more expensive than they actually were (in my opinion at least!). Comfort factor is 10/10 and one of my favourite things about these boots is a comfort detail. As you know I love to be comfy! The entire inside of the boot is padded, which just makes them unbelievably comfortable to wear. I managed an 8 hour day in London with them with no pain!

For those who are more adventurous with colours and textures in their wardrobe, you may not consider these statement at all. But they are a shoe that can become the focus of an outfit, and qualifies as statement to me.

Why Statement Boots are a must have

They Elevate the Simplest Outfit

In the winter it’s all too easy to opt for warmth and comfort over style, and who can blame us?! Choosing to wrap up in a cosy knit and scarf shouldn’t be a sin and you can easily make sure your outfit still gets style points, by adding well chosen accessories. A statement boot is the perfect way to elevate the simplest of combinations and you’ll instantly look more polished. A chunky jumper, skinny jeans and a statement boot is the perfect Autumn combination. Staying warm without sacrificing the style factor!

When You’re Wrapped Up In a Coat, Your Accessories Do the Talking

When your whole outfit is concealed by a cosy coat, be it Teddy Bear style or Shearling. It’s up to your accessories to complete the look. A pair of statement boots will draw focus to areas of your ensemble, other than your coat and keep the outfit interesting.

They Are Still Incredibly Wearable

Even though statement boots are a standout piece, they are still incredibly easy to wear. If the rest of your outfit is simple, throwing them on to complete the look is a no-brainer. If you’ve got other colours and patterns in your outfit then statement boots will simply add another point of interest to your look. To ensure that you can throw your boots on to complete any look, opt for a shoe that is statement in design, yet neutral in colour. Because of their neutral colour, this pair of River Island boots is easy to pair with any outfit. I find myself reaching for them with everything. 

They Are a Great Alternative to Black

It’s just as easy to pop on some statement boots when you’re walking out the door as it is to throw on your favourite classic black pair. It’s one of the quickest and simplest hacks to look like you have put a lot of thought into your outfit, which is something I’m all for!


Shearling Coat

Black High Neck Jumper

Black Jeans

Grey Suede Boots

Why Statement Boots are a must have
Why Statement Boots are a must have
Why Statement Boots are a must have