Why the Teddy Bear Coat is this Seasons Staple Jacket

The Teddy Bear coat is a must have style in your outer-wear wardrobe this season. Usually a relaxed design, made from a piled or fluffy material, it’s my outerwear choice of the moment and a piece that I find myself reaching for every day.
After seeing the trend feature heavily among the new in pages of my favourite retailers in the last month or so, I have been on the hunt for the perfect one for me. Last years Teddy Bear coat from Mango has been a distant memory, ever since putting it through the washing machine for it to heartbreaking-ly never be worn again. So you can only imagine my delight when I cleared out my wardrobe and discovered a fluffy white teddy bear coat that I had purchased as a replacement last year. Meaning that I was already equipped for the season ahead. 
Now that the clocks have gone back and the temperature has definitely dropped, you’ve probably already made at least one coat purchase for the season. But if you haven’t picked up your Winter coat yet, or are in the market for another one (because who isn’t!) then here’s why a Teddy Bear coat is the one you need.

Warmth, Comfort, Cosi-ness

Need I say more. Everyone knows the struggle of getting out of bed while it’s still pitch black outside, and it never helps knowing you’ve got a chilly commute that lies ahead. If like me, on these dark mornings all you want is something cosy to wear for your journey to work, then look no further. A Teddy Bear coat is the warmest and cosiest coat choice. Depending on the level of fluffi-ness you go for it stands comparable to leaving the house wrapped in a blanket, just more socially acceptable! What more could you want. 

Casual but makes a statement

Teddy Bear coats sit towards the more casual end of the spectrum in your Winter wardrobe but are definitely still bold and can easily be the key focus of your outfit. The texture and general size of a Teddy Bear coat is enough to make a statement alone, without any particular structure or fancy details being included in the design. Which also generally means they are a pretty affordable item to add to your wardrobe too. Win win!

Goes with everything

A good Teddy Bear coat in a neutral shade will go with almost everything in your wardrobe. Throw it on for an extra layer of cosiness over a jumper and some jeans, or use it as your main layer on a slightly warmer day like I have done here. Pairing it with bare legs, a leather mini and some sock boots adds just enough warmth to an outfit. 

Will you be buying a Teddy Bear coat this Autumn/Winter?


outfit details

White Fluffy Teddy Bear Coat: Primark last year | Similiar

Sock Boots: Zara

Faux Leather Mini Skirt: New Look

Blouse: River Island