Why Simple White Trainers are the Ultimate Style Staple

Outfit styled with white trainers

Up until about 18 months ago I wasn't really a trainer girl at all. I hadn't worn or owned a pair that wasn't just for exercising purposes since my early teenage years. Creepers were my alternative choice (ahh memories). I remember saving for ages for a pair from Underground -the ultimate Tumblr chic- in my late teenage years and grungier days, but trainers just never came into it. Until my boyfriend Will, managed to convince me that I needed just one pair for throwing on, on weekend shopping trips or for when you just need to run out of the door. And so I made my first trainer 'for everyday wear' purchase. It was a pair of white Nike Air Force 1's, in case you were wondering.

While my white Air Force 1's aren't really something I reach for anymore, they were definitely the start of a more casual division of my footwear collection. And trainers as a whole have earned a more significant place in my wardrobe now, where previously they had always been reserved for the most casual of occasions.

Lately though, I've found myself longing for a smarter alternative to my casual favourites. I finally caved and bought myself a pair of simple white trainers after getting dressed one too many a morning and finding myself thinking that they were exactly what I needed to complete my outfit that day.

Outfit styled with simple white trainers
Outfit styled with simple white trainers
Outfit styled with simple white trainers

The pair that I went for are the Topshop Coffee Lace Up trainers. The gold detail on the laces adds that little something extra, but without attracting too much attention. The key with simple white trainers is (funnily enough) to keep them simple, and to keep them white. 

Once you've got those two things mastered, your perfect minimal pair is anything but basic. They're a foolproof accompaniment to any casual outfit. You don't really even notice they're there, but somehow they also perfectly complete your look, giving it a more polished vibe.

For me, they're one of those items that you never know how much you need, until you have them. I find myself reaching for these at least 3 times a week. When I want to add a scandi-cool vibe to a skirt, or understated chic feel to a pair of trousers. Or as a smarter alternative to more sporty trainers.

Simple white trainers also work equally well dressing down a smarter look, see where I'm going here, they go with everything. Their simple, non-distracting nature contributes to their massive versatility. You could say they are the footwear equivalent of a great leather jacket, aka the piece that you can just throw on, when you want to look cool but reasonably put together.

I'm all about pieces that are easy to wear, but work hard for your wardrobe. Those things that you don't really have to think about, or plan to wear. They're just there and they're easy.

Outfit styled with simple white trainers
Outfit styled with simple white trainers

  • I love this outfit! Where is your top from? It’s gorgeous! x

  • I felt this way when I put on Nike Air Force 1s in high school and I haven’t since underestimated my trusted trainers. I know exactly how you feel! These trainers look so good on you!! I would highly recommend for you to check out the Nike Cortez ones if you want to invest in another pair.


  • I’ve also been getting more and more into trainers recently after never previously being a trainer girl! The only thing that puts me off white trainers is getting them dirty easily – but I’m loving this pair!


    • I totally am with you there! I’ve only had these a couple of weeks and they need a clean – it is a pain! xx

  • so relatable- i too was never much of a trainer girl but lately my boyfriend keeps trying to get me a pair haha. I struggle to only see them as something to wear for my workouts but i also know that they can look really great and the comfort they give is certainly ideal for those days when you just need to rush about haha.

    great post girl


  • Shakira Sacks

    Totally agree on this and love how you’ve styled the look!


  • I genuinely think white trainers are the must in every single wardrobe!! xx


  • Charlotte

    I have some white converses but I literally never wear them…I swear they don’t go with anything. This post is much needed! Love how you’ve paired them with a black outfit, it works so well!
    Charlotte / Charlotte’s Picks

    • White converse a really great, but I definitely think they have a slightly more casual vibe to them as they are canvas, maybe that is why? They definitely will look good with an outfit like this though! xx

      • Charlotte

        I’m definitely going to try a bit harder to style them! You’ve given me some inspiration so thank you!! xxx

  • Nina Nguyen

    Such a cute look! I love your top!
    xx- Nina


  • white sneakers really do go with everything! I recently bought myself a pair of white converse and they’re my favorite – I wonder why I didn’t do that sooner!

    becky @ star violet

    • I’m wondering why I didn’t get any sooner too! White converse are gorgeous! xx

  • Samantha

    Couldn’t agree more! I love my white trainers and think they are so chic with many of my looks!

  • Love this outfit! And your pictures are gorgeous x