3 Benefit Brow Products for Flawless Eyebrows

Benefit brow products

Brows with benefit

It’s no secret that Benefit offers an extensive selection of brow products. Their website features an entire section dedicated to help ‘Wow Your Brows’, which is full to the brim of brow transformations and tips and tricks. And with an impressive product line that easily meets every eyebrow need, Benefit firmly position themselves as a brow expert in the beauty industry. 

I’m not quite sure how I have managed to get this far in life without having tried any of the Benefit brow products before. Especially as they make one of my favourite mascaras of all time, but here I am, and I’m really excited to test these out.

Benefit feature a number of different Brow Kits on their website. Depending on your brow preferences there’s the Soft and Natural Brow Kit, Defined and Refined Brow Kit and the one I have here, which is the Bigger & Bolder Brows Kit.  The set includes three Benefit brow products, Ka-Brow, Ready Set Brow and High Brow, and it also comes with a stencil. For me, I feel the kit could do without the stencil. However I am fortunate in that my eyebrows are naturally quite full, so if you’re someone who frequently builds the shape of their brows, it could be a useful addition. The only product not included in this Benefit brow kit that I’m eager to try is Gimme Brow, which I’ll definitely be adding to my collection soon. 

Benefit brow Ka-brow!


Ka-Brow is an eyebrow cream-gel and is the first step in my current eyebrow routine. After brushing my brows through with a spoolie, I use my go-to Spectrum A17 brush to apply Ka-Brow through my eyebrows. Ka-Brow features a built in brush design, and while it’s a good idea in theory (and great for a brow-emergency or on the go), I find the way it fits together quite bulky, and opt to apply with a normal brow brush day-to-day, as it’s just easier to manage. 

Ka-Brow is a really build-able brow product. Where with others I’ve tried I have found myself reaching for them either during the day or night, I find this can go either way.  You can easily apply a small amount through the brows to achieve a more natural effect, but also just as effectively use Ka-Brow to draw the shape of a bolder brow and create a more dramatic look. It’s a great product to have in your kit for any occasion. 

As far as texture goes, Ka-Brow is a firm consistency for a cream/gel and can be quite stiff to work on to your brush from the pot. However, this is not an issue as once it’s on the brush, I find it applies on to the skin really well. And the stiff texture actually makes the product more manageable and contributes to its versatility. 

Benefit brow products
Benefit brow ready, set, brow!


Ready, Set, Brow! is a clear brow gel, and easily my favourite of the three Benefit brow products I’ve tried. It features a dual-sided wand, with different length bristles, allowing for varying and precise levels of application. I like to use the shorter bristles towards the centre of my brows and the longer bristles to set the tail. I find that sometimes the longer bristles can apply slightly too much product to the brow, and too much brow gel is certainly not a look I want to go for, but it’s nothing a quick brush through with a spoolie can’t fix. The staying power of this is second to none and if you need your brows to stay firmly in place all day long then Ready, Set, Brow! is one to try. 


A lot of us tend to use an eye shadow or highlight shade to highlight our brow bones nowadays. But if you’re anything like me and don’t like to carry an entire eye-shadow palette around with  you for on-the-go touch ups, the High Brow pencil is a great option. A bright yet natural highlight shade, with pink under-tones, High Brow effortlessly provides a lifted appearance and accentuates the arch of your eyebrow. It’s easy to blend cream formula means you aren’t left with any harsh product lines and the matte finish gives a natural yet awake look to around the eyes. I also like to apply High Brow to the inner corner of my eye on days where my tired eyes need a little extra help. 

Benefit brow high brow swatch
Benefit brow high brow