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Fashion Pieces to Buy Right Now

I’ve been in a massive fashion rut lately. Putting off buying things because ‘they wouldn’t go with everything’ or ‘I might not get enough wear out of them’ etc. And I kept buying and then returning so many things, because I kept on buying things I didn’t really love. 

In the end, I kind of just thought fuck it! I have to stop this. So I trawled though the internet and picked out some of the pieces i’m loving right now. 

I ended up putting them all together into a kind of collage/mood board and I actually love how it turned out. It really helped me see how all of the pieces can work together. And also unintentionally set out a pretty clear colour palette for the next couple of months. 

I’d really recommend doing this if you’re loving certain things but are unsure whether to buy them or not. It really can help to visualise how they will work in your wardrobe. 

As you can tell I’m kind of into super chunky grey knits right now. And pink! I’m loving this gorgeous shade of blush pink that seems to be cropping up on everything at the moment. 

It’s pretty much a collage of all the things I hope to own very soon! 

Since making this I’ve already picked up four of the pieces. The ASOS t-shirt, River Island chunky grey cardigan, River Island black crop top and the cute little bag from Zara. It’s a start and I’m looking forward to getting out of my wardrobe rut! 

ASOS Farleigh Jeans

River Island Speckled Crop Top

River Island Chunky Grey Jumper

Forever 21 Cold Shoulder Top

Zara Pink Mini Bag

Zara Black Floral Embroidered T-Shirt

ASOS Graphic T-Shirt

Mango Pink Suede Skirt

ASOS White Trainers

River Island Chunky Grey Cardigan

Forever 21 Cut Out Cream Jumper