25 things before I’m 25

25 before 25
It’s the day before my 23rd birthday and it has got me thinking. A lot has happened in the past 2 years, I’ve graduated from university, had two jobs, been surprised with a trip to Disneyland Paris, been surprised with tickets to Justin Bieber in Amsterdam, been to Walt Disney World, on numerous short breaks and travelled around Asia for 3 months! And when you realise just how much has fit into those 2 years, I wondered what I could fit into the next two.
So here is my (fairly ambitious) ’25 before 25′ list. It involves a lot of travelling, I’ve always been a believer in investing your money in experiences over things. And a lot of learning. Some that I’ve put off for way too long now (learning to drive) and some that I’m lucky enough to have the resources for right in front of me (learning more recipes: chefs for parents).
I’ve even thrown starting a YouTube channel in the mix. It’s something that I wonder about a lot but I don’t know if I’m brave enough anymore! I say anymore because I had one way back for a while, we’re talking 2011/2012 here, but I think it’s a totally different ballgame now.
There’s also a couple of bits that will be easier to tick off, but I’ve always wanted to do. Like going to a Jazz Bar and getting colour put into my hair, which somehow I’ve never done in my 23 years.
I’m wondering whether I should make this into a poster that I can put up and tick off as I go along. I already can’t wait to refer back in 2 years time and see how I did!
25 before 25
1. A tour of Italy
2. Go back to New York
3. Learn to drive
4. Start saving a deposit for a house
5. Start a youtube channel
6. Go back to Walt Disney World with the 2016 crew
7. Redecorate my bedroom
8. Visit Brighton
9. Read at least one book per month
10. Learn more recipes
11. Learn how to properly use my camera
12. Say yes more
13. Travel somewhere far away that I haven’t been before. Japan?!
14. Make a scrapbook of pictures from when Will and I went travelling
15. Do a gin tasting
16. Learn more about wine
17. Go on another girls holiday
18. See something at the theatre that isn’t a musical
19. Eat at at least 10 new (to me) and interesting restaurants
20. Watch more classic movies
21. Spend an evening at a Jazz bar
22. Go on a break somewhere in the UK
23. Get colour put in my hair
24. Start re-learning to speak French
25. Learn some signature cocktails
 I hope you enjoyed this much more personal post, thank you for reading! And if you have ever written any of these sorts of lists please leave them in the comments, I would love to read them!