Where Am I Going Travelling? & Mini Catch Up

Where am I Going Travelling & Mini Update

I wanted to write this mini catch up post to let you know what is going on, and where I’ll be for the next 3 months.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you might have heard me mention a couple of times that i’m going travelling, or spotted a couple of travel related posts. But besides the sneaky mention here and there, I realised I haven’t really given you the full low down.

So where am I going?

On the 14th February (Valentines day!), which is alarmingly close – 3 days (eek I better go get packing!). My boyfriend, Will and I will take our first flight.

We begin our 3 month adventure in Nepal, then head down to Cambodia, travel through Vietnam, visit Singapore and Malaysia and finally spend a couple of weeks in Bali.

I’ll be sharing mini photo diaries, destination tips, hotel reviews (if I find any good ones!) and hopefully some outfit posts, though my ‘suitcase’ (rucksack/duffle bag) will be very limited!

I have never done anything like this before so I really have no idea what to expect from being away from home for three months, in a culture that isn’t at all Western and doesn’t speak much English. I think it will be a hard adjustment at first but I’m hoping for the adventure of a lifetime.

And if you’re wondering my travelling style…

I’m not a hostel girl that’s for sure – kudos to those who are! And the hotel accommodation in Asia is INCREDIBLY cheap. I’m talking a decent enough hotel for £15 a night. So when you split that between two of you, there’s barely any difference between that and a hostel price anyway.

We’re staying in hotels throughout our trip, and we’ve got them all booked and our flights planned. I can hear the gasps of terror of some more seasoned travellers who are comfortable just winging it.

But that’s just not me, or something I felt ready for, or comfortable doing. For this first big trip away at least! With the uncertainty of being away from home for 3 months, in completely unknown territory, it comforts me to know where I’ll be staying when I get to each place and where I’ll be going next.

So what about blogging?

I suppose my content will shift slightly over the next few months. I always plan to be a Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle/Travel blogger. But my content will definitely be travel heavy as I wont be able to shoot twice weekly beauty posts. And seeing as I’ll only have this little selection of beauty products with me – things would probably get a bit repetitive and boring!

I want to blog about my travels on here and for me that’s a better option that abandoning my blog for the next 3 months. So I hope that you are interested in seeing what I get up to!

Who knows maybe I’ll even discover some Asian beauty products to test, and I’ve heard the shopping in Singapore is pretty good!

So anyway, that’s what’s going to be happening for the next 3 months! I thought I owed a little pre-explanation before my content suddenly shifted. And I hope you are interested in keeping up and are as excited as I am for this adventure!