Six Ways To Stay On Top Of Everything In 2017

Six ways to stay on top of everything in 2017

The New Year is well and truly underway. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to let go of that buzz of New Year productivity any time soon.

First of all, the first working week of the year is complete! A big step for us all, after a week (or more!) of pyjamas, food and Christmas films. We all deserve a big ol’ pat on the back. And maybe an extra little push to stay on track with goals this weekend.

I’ve put together the 6 ways that I am planning to stay on top of everything this year. And I hope it can help you too. That is, if the other hundred blog posts you’ve read on the subject, haven’t helped enough. Or if you’re a week in and already feeling the slump. Or… if the temptation of a weekend curled up on the sofa is proving too hard to resist!

I (try to) balance a full time job in Influencer Booking & Management, which frequently demands out of office hours events. Alongside a social life, spending time with loved ones and producing content. But of course, It’s hard to maintain everything to the standard I would like. There’s not enough hours in the day!

It’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed. Which is why I wanted to write this post about how I plan to declutter my mind, life and make the most of every minute in 2017.

Six ways to stay on top of everything in 2017

1. Write Down Goals

Anything! Everything! Daily, weekly and monthly. Whatever works. Having something visual to refer back to can really help keep things on track. I love having monthly and yearly goals pages that I can refer to every day. From this you can tailor your daily goals to ensure you are progressing (baby steps!) towards your yearly goals. Every. Single. Day. Taking you as close as possible to where you want to be by the end of 2017.

2. Plan Ahead

Take 30 minutes each week to think ahead. For me, it’s Sunday evenings. But if Monday mornings work better for you then go right ahead! Evaluate your goals and consider how you’re going to utilise your time to achieve them.

I like to do this by blocking out any time I know is taken. Work, doctors appointments, meetings, lectures – whatever it is. Then, I’ll have a list of everything to be achieved for the week. Break down the steps needed to get there, into manageable tasks. And then fit them into the free time slots. Of course leaving some ‘you time’ in there as well. Unless it’s a super busy week – sigh!

six ways to stay on top of everything in 2017

3. Stick to a schedule

Once you’ve planned and blocked out your commitments and goals for the week. Stick to it as much as possible! You didn’t do all that planning for nothing after all. There’s a reason you picked 7pm for writing a blog post and 10pm for watching Netflix! Stick to your allocated time slots for each task for ultimate productivity.

Also, don’t allow mishaps to throw you off course. If you need a mid-week re-prioritising session to get back on track then have one! Of course things will pop up here and there. That’s just life. But even if you achieve 70% of what you had planned, you’re still 70% closer than you were before to your accomplishments!

4. Tailor Your Focus

Have a clear task on hand and avoid multi-tasking. If you’re anything like me, other ‘to do’s’ are constantly popping in to your head. Probably with a sense of urgency too, distracting you from your current task. But remembering you have your 15 minutes blocked out later in the day to complete said task should help keep distractions (and panics!) at bay.

6 ways to stay on top of everything in 2017

5. Schedule Social Media

This one is mostly for the bloggers out there. Or if you’re constantly checking/being distracted by social media. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up a consistent social media presence.

Scheduling posts for when you know you can’t be on your phone, is a great way around this. Knowing that your twitter/instagram/pinterest is ticking over while you’re busy, is a weight off your shoulders. Then, just schedule in time to catch up with everyone else’s posts when you’re free.

6. Maximise Your Time

I don’t know about you, but I waste my 45 minute commute pointlessly scrolling through ASOS’s new in page. That 45 minutes might seem invaluable at the time. But, if you can tick some tasks off your to do list within that time frame, you’ve earned yourself an extra 45 minutes to do as you please later on!

I know I’d rather have that extra 45 minutes to relax watching Gossip Girl at home, than during a sweaty commute. Consider where your time will be most valuable and use it wisely.

The more you maximise ‘wasted’ time like this, the more spare time you’ll have left for the things you love.

Six ways to stay on top of everything in 2017