Women of the Future Awards & Feeling Festive

There’s always so much going on at this time of year. You think you’re busy through November, but that’s just a warm up. Just wait until you see what December has in store! I don’t blame every body for holding their event/party/launch/EVERYTHING at this time of year. With the festivities beginning and most peoples spirits lifted and in the party mood, it’s the perfect opportunity. Which makes for very busy diaries. And a LOT of party dress shopping, but who’s complaining?!

As i’m putting this post together i’ve come to realise I am terrible at remembering to take pictures of things – oops! I’m disappointed that I didn’t get more pictures, but this is my first ‘monthly highlights’ kind of post, so i’m just getting into the swing of things. I’ve had a lovely month and been to some really fun events of which i’ve been so lucky to have been able to go to. So I hope the lack of pictures isn’t too unbearable and I will endeavour to do better next time!



I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the Women of the Future awards. A gorgeous black tie event, the evening was full of support and inspiration, which created an incredible uplifting atmosphere. Dinner was served after a champagne reception and then it was on to the awards. It was so great to hear the stories of so many inspiring women and how they have positively impacted the world. I had a truly wonderful evening.

This month I also was able to attend the Velocity App launch party. Velocity is a slick new booking app, featuring the coolest restaurants in New York, Miami, LA and of course London, specialising in places that are more under the radar. Held in a photographers studio, the launch was brimming with models and creative talent. Espresso Martinis were on the menu and cupcakes and doughnuts lined the shelves on the walls (amazing!). The vibe was super chilled out and cool and it was such a fun evening to be a part of.

The Ivy Chelsea Garden and Covent Garden’s Christmas tree, both looking so beautiful and festive!

I wanted to mention the lunch I went to at Bourne and Hollingsworth because the restaurant is just so beautiful. It is a Pinterester’s dream, everything is just so kitsch and lovely. And the food was really great too. If you’re ever looking for a place to eat in East London I would definitely recommend giving this a try!

There’s nothing quite like drinking mulled wine on a rooftop bar overlooking that GIANT Christmas tree to get you in the festive spirit. The Christmas Tree is up in Covent Garden, and my personal rule has always been that if Covent Garden says it’s Christmas, then that means I’m allowed to be festive…!

Also how beautiful does The Ivy Chelsea Garden look at this time of year. Heading there for meetings has got me feeling so ready for Christmas! And I always love walking around Chelsea, especially when the weather treats us to brisk cold air and bright blue skies.


I’m so pleased that i’ve been able to attend all of these incredible things in November and I hope you enjoyed this slightly more personal post!

Frances x