Spectrum: The Glam Clam Brushes Review



The Glam Clam – £59.99 

The Glam Clam brush set by Spectrum is one of the hottest kits on the market right now, and rightly so. Spectrum are releasing collection after collection of beautifully coloured brushes, in colour ranges that are bang on trend. From marble to mermaid inspired, there’s a gorgeous collection for everyone.

Having seen beautiful shots of Spectrum brushes all over instagram, I was keen to try them out to see if the quality lived up to their looks. I have not stopped recommending them to everyone since.

The Glam Clam includes 10 of Spectrums best selling brushes in a colour way exclusive to the kit. All encased in a gorgeous faux leather mermaid clam. This would make the perfect Christmas gift for any beauty lover.

Below I’m going to go through my favourite brushes from the Glam Clam. Which are the brushes I reach for every day and that have really made a difference to my make-up routine.


A01 Large Domed Powder, B01 Flat Top Buffer, A05 Precision Blush (left to right)

Inside the Glam Clam you get three face brushes, the B01 Flat Top Buffer, A01 Large Domed Powder and A05 Precision Blush. All three of these brushes are exceptionally soft, disperse product perfectly and since using them, not one has left a single bristle on my face. Which for me makes them an absolute win.

B01 Flat Top Buffer

The B01 Flat Top Buffer Brush is a really dense, flat topped buffer brush which is incredible for quickly buffing foundation into the skin. This brush has completely replaced my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge in my foundation routine. And I also prefer it to the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush  for quick and easy foundation application.


A17 Angled Brow, A15 Lip Liner, B04 Small Angled Blender (left to right)

Inside the Glam Clam there is also 7 smaller brushes, which could be used for shadow, liners or concealer depending on your preferences. All of the brushes are great, but there are some I find myself reaching for every day and some much less frequently.

A17 Angled Brow

This brush has totally upped my brow game. Before I had this kit I was using a much larger angled brush for my brows, but I never realised how difficult I had been making things for myself. The A17 Angled Brow brush is the ultimate brush for precise and defined brows, with super dense bristles and the tiniest tip.


A06 Large Fluffy Shader, B06 Tall Tapered Blender, B03 Buffing Concealer (left to right)

A06 Large Fluffy Shader

I find the A06 a little large to use as an eye shadow brush personally. However, if you were using a very neutral base colour for the whole lid, this could be a good option. For me, I have been really enjoying using the A06 for highlighting, which I find it works perfectly for.

B06 Tall Tapered Blender

This is a really great crease brush, particularly if you are aiming for a really smooth transition of colours or something quite subtle. The bristles aren’t very dense so they disperse colour evenly, minimising the blending effort.


A09 Angled Eyeliner

Overall I’m really impressed with Spectrum brushes and can see myself purchasing lots more from them in the future. The face brushes are incredible and definitely a must try if you haven’t already. If it were up to me I would pick a slightly different selection to go inside the Glam Clam, but that it just down to my personal make-up preferences.

The Glam Clam costs £59.99 and for this you get 10 incredible brushes, which is an amazing deal. If I could only keep 3 brushes from this kit it would be the A17 Angled Brow, the A01 Large Domed Powder and the B01 Flat Top Buffer.

Have you tried any of the Spectrum Collections brushes? What do you think of them?