Current Winter Skincare Routine


I think I may have found a few long term winners within the products i’m currently using for my winter skincare. Recently my skin has been quite dry, just how it usually gets when the seasons change and there’s that harsh cold wind outside. So when it comes to winter skincare I need a routine that’s down to nourish and help eliminate any dry patches or blotchiness.




Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – £4.99

I’m struggling to find anyone out there who is yet to try one of Garnier’s Micellar Water concoctions. This product has been a staple of mine ever since it’s release. Non-drying on the skin and swiftly removing make-up like a dream, I find it quite the challenge to comprehend trialling an alternative. And thus, I haven’t used anything else in quite some time.

Origins Never a Dull Moment Skin Brightening Face Cleanser with Fruit Extracts – £18.50

This cleanser is just perfect, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and radiant and it doesn’t leave that tight and dry feeling that some face washes cause. It smells delicious and refreshing and it’s silky smooth texture is gentle enough to use on your face every day. I’ve also noticed that it is calming on my sensitive skin and when I use it in the shower my skin not as blotchy as it would be without.


St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub Invigorating – £4.19

This is a totally new favourite of mine. After sneakily borrowing my boyfriends St. Ives scrub more times than I can count I thought it was high time I purchased my own! I went for the invigorating scrub, they also do a blemish orientated kind but this is not something I often require. The St Ives scrub has just enough exfoliation to actually feel like it’s clearing away all the dead skin, without so much that it feels damaging. It is quite a harsh exfoliator so I would only recommend using this a couple of times a week. After every use my make-up just glides on so beautifully, it’s well worth a try!




bareMinerals Skinlongevity Vital Power Infusion – £45

I’ll be honest, I haven’t quite figured out whether this product is a bit of a gimmick yet or if it truly works. This is a serum that claims to improve the overall appearance of the skin, from texture to radiance. Although I’m not sure if it’s a necessary step in my skincare routine, it certainly is a joy to use. The Vital Power Infusion Serum absorbs into the skin really quickly whilst hydrating beautifully and is not greasy or sticky at all. It feels lovely and refreshing to the skin and I almost feel as if I could go without a moisturiser after using this.

bareMinerals Bare Haven Essential Moisturising Soft Cream – £30

If I was only allowed to recommend one thing out of all of these products it would be this one. Bare Minerals has absolutely changed my life when it comes to skincare. Before I tried their products I thought a solution to my dry and tight skin through the winter just didn’t exist. The Bare Haven Moisturising Cream is so lovely and soothing to apply and the smallest amount goes far, leaving my skin feeling plump and nourished. If you suffer with dry skin, especially during the winter, I would highly recommend trying this out!

Are there any products you’ve been loving for your skin recently? x