4 Things We All Need to Hear About Beauty

4 things the modelling industry can teach you about beauty

Working in the modelling industry and being involved in a world where beauty and looks can be heavily critiqued on a day to day basis has been quite an eye opening experience. Initially, knowing that I was about to be spending every day working with those who are considered most beautiful was quite an intimidating prospect. But the reality was the realisation that actually they’re not that different to the rest of us. And that there’s so much more to beauty than what’s skin deep. And so I wanted to share my own thoughts and tips on why being yourself is the best you can be.

     1. Even the models don’t look like the models.

I know we’re all told this hundreds of times throughout our lives. The girls in the magazines don’t even look like the girls in the magazines. But I think until you’re faced with it daily you don’t quite realise just how true this is. The models are all gorgeous, yes. But they’re like your prettiest friends. They’re beautiful, but not unrealistically so, and not that far from yourself. They’re not the unattainable beauty pictured in the magazines.

     2. There is more than one definition of beauty.

Where one girl is perfect for one thing, another’s look might sell better to a different audience. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and this reigns just as true in the modelling world as it does for all us non-model beauties. Maybe one girl is a bit more busty with amazing curves so she’s perfect for lingerie. Or she’s got a small frame and is tall so she mainly does editorial and runway modelling. Or she’s got a gorgeous face but doesn’t have the height so she lands more roles in beauty.

Of course there’s every chance your editorial girl will land a lingerie campaign, but there are so many different looks out there. And it doesn’t mean that one is more beautiful than another. There are so many variations of what is considered beautiful. It’s all about embracing your own individual look because that’s what makes you, you. There is not one finite definition of beauty.

     3. Confidence is everything.

We often have potential models come through the door, who you would look at and assume are perfect model material. But they get in front of the camera and the confidence is just not there. Either because they don’t believe in themselves, or don’t have the confidence to.

Sometimes we have potential models come through who maybe aren’t perfectly symmetrical, something that’s often looked for in a model. But sometimes this doesn’t matter. If a model comes in and has the confidence to work the camera, that’s what can make them stand out. Their confidence is what completes the package. Their confidence in themselves gives others confidence in them too.

You need confidence to carry you through. You must have the confidence to believe in yourself first, otherwise how can you expect anyone else to.

     4. Nothing beats beauty on the inside.

You can be the most gorgeous girl in the whole world, but if you’re rude and difficult to work with, the likelihood is that you won’t book as many jobs. This holds true in life too. Beauty on the outside means nothing if you’re not a beautiful person from the inside out first. The models who are most memorable are those who’s personalities shine through and light up the room. And that’s what you remember them for.